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公司擁有自營出口權聚彩彩票|手机app下载,與國內多家用戶建立了良好的合作關系,為用戶提供優質優價的產品,同時為國外制造商開拓國內市場提供信息聚彩彩票|手机app下载聚彩彩票|手机app下载,尋求合作。佳隆普節能設備有限公司已被APEX GROUP COMPANIES 公司指定為中國總代理,同時也被國外多家著名公司指定為區域代理和經銷商。




Beijing Gallop Energy-efficient Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in haidian district, Beijing of china. Beijing Gallop Energy-efficient Equipment Co., Ltd. is a dynamic science & technology & trade company with a status of an independent legal entity. Beijing Gallop Energy-efficient Equipment Co., Ltd. commits herself to power industry, petrochemical industry, environment protection and cement industry. The main businesses of Gallop are sewage treatment equipment and chemical equipment import-export trade. We also offer related project management, technology service and technology consultation for our customers.
Technology innovation is the power and source of enterprise development. Combined with its technology and cooperation with famous  mechanical manufacturing company inland and outland, Gallop forms a set of technology innovation system and intellectual property.
The company has self-export rights. She has not only establish a good relationship of cooperation with inland user but also provides information for foreign manufacture to develop China market. Gallop has already been appointed by APEX GROUP COMPANIES as their agent in China. At the same time, it was appointed as regional agent and distributor of many famous foreign company.
Gallop establises long and widely relationship of cooperation with many reserch unit and industrial and mining enterprises. With its good product supply ability, project implementation ability and  excellent after-sales service, Gallop won high reputation and numerous performance.
In line with the guiding ideology "Take the science and technology as the forerunner, take the quality as the center and to service users for the purpose",  rely on specialized technical team, first-rate facilities, technology and high project quality, Gallop dedicated to providing our customers with quality service.
Gallop in good faith management idea,  forming the world friends, surviving and developing in the competition, being strong and strong in hard working, willing to work with all our friends together to join hands and create excellence, create glory.