About Our Document Scanning and Conversion Company

Since 1985, QFI, Inc. has been helping businesses nationwide to minimize costs, streamline processes, and stay current with digital technologies to become more efficient, secure, and productive. Whether you need onsite or offsite document digitization services in the Washington, DC area or outsourced services from any state, QFI’s services will meet or exceed your project requirements.

QFI, Inc. provides document scanning and management services at our Washington, DC area facility. From there we provide top quality secure digitization services for your location in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Columbus, or anywhere in between. To digitize your documents or institutional memory, contact us online or give us a call!

QFI, Inc. has experience setting up long term remote or on-site scanning solutions to best serve your project, or we can make arrangements to process your documents and records at our location in Maryland. Short term and small projects are no less important to QFI!

Our Vision: A Paperless Office

Our core business is furthering the near paperless office—reducing paper consumption, storage, and refuse while increasing the efficiency of the business process. We believe a paperless office increases security, efficiency, and overall neatness of an organization. At QFI, Inc., we assure your confident documents will stay secure while converting to a digital copy.

Internally, we follow the same approach in transforming to a paperless office:

  • Communications, proposals, and deliverables are provided electronically when possible
  • Meetings, project management, and support procedures are conducted using conference calls and Web meetings when appropriate
  • HVAC equipment is set for energy conservation with temperature and humidity levels conducive to paper storage and processing
  • Energy efficient scanners, computers, and business machines are utilized

Our goal is to improve productivity and make your business run smoothly with digital, paperless documents. Call us today to learn more about our business and what we can do for you, or view our document conversion services.

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