What Are the Benefits of Electronic Medical Records?

Posted on: August 21, 2014

Electronic medical records (or electronic health records) seem to be a buzz-worthy topic these days. Doctors, nurses, and practitioners alike have transitioned along with the rest of the world to live and work paperless. Is your healthcare facility or doctor’s office considering going paperless? Electronic medical records, in lieu of traditional paper documentation, have many benefits.

QFI, Inc. is a leading document scanning and management company in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area—we’ve been specializing in healthcare document management solutions since 1985! Call us today to see how your practice could benefit from electronic medical records management or keep reading below to learn the benefits of document scanning and virtual management systems.

Improve Quality of Patient Care

Do you often unsuccessfully try to search for a previously prescribed medication in a patient’s record? Document scanning and management systems have a search function and allow users to sort through documents in seconds. Instead of flipping through a medical chart, you can find what you’re looking for instantly. The workflow of your office should improve and it’s likely that you’ll be able to see more patients per day—with less time spent pulling and filing medical charts and more time spent interacting with and treating your patients.

Increase Convenience & Office Efficiency

Because all patient charts and documents can be retrieved in seconds, convenience and efficiency should improve in your healthcare office. Doctors, nurses, clerks, and other staff can have quick access to records—even from remote locations. At QFI, Inc., our paperless document management solutions can also provide for authorized access for certain files—giving you control over who sees what when it comes to your patients’ confidential (and HIPAA protected) information.

Improve Care Coordination

When your medical records are electronic, you can also quickly transfer access to files for other departments—removing the time and hassle it takes to send a copy of the physical medical chart or documents. It becomes much easier to coordinate care between multiple offices or facilities.

Increase Space in Your Growing Office

Having all your medical records stored digitally will drastically cut down on the storage required for filing cabinets or carts. If your practice is growing and short on space, digitizing your medical records can create an efficient way for all your files to still be available in an instant. Our paperless document management solutions are also customizable and scalable so that you can grow your practice (whether that means expanding into the space across the hall or opening a new office across town).

Decrease Risk of Lost or Damaged Files

Physical files are at great risk of being misplaced, mislabeled, or permanently destroyed. Human error can cause files to go missing—potentially harming your patient care. Disasters—including a flood or fire—could ruin all of your records (including insurance, billing, and health history for your patients and general office records, including employee records). Theft can also be prevented when your documents are not in paper form—our document management solutions allow for different levels of authorization to access certain files or document types.

Document Scanning & Management in DC, MD & VA

It is estimated that 90 percent of all patient information in healthcare facilities is still on paper—but this can lead to lost or damaged medical files, expansive storage space required to hold patient charts, the potential for unauthorized access to those files, and even more time spent looking for files or lab results.

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