How to Turn a Paper Blueprint into a Digital File

Posted on: January 20, 2016

If you are looking to convert your blueprints into a digital copy, you may find yourself at a standstill. Many blueprints are large and thick—too large for traditional computer scanners. When you are looking to convert your blueprints, you might need to call in a professional document scanning company for backup.

Blueprint Scanning

Blueprint Scanning Process

When you use a scanning company like QFI, Inc. to scan your blueprints and turn them into digital files, it’s easy!

  1. Gather your documents – before you call QFI, Inc., gather your documents so you know what files you want scanned. From there, we can give you a quote and options on which hardware you may need to read the documents.
  2. Mail or bring your documents to QFI, Inc. – after you get your quote, simply bring your documents in a box to our office or send them in the mail. After we speak and discuss the final details, we will send you directions on how to ship your blueprints.
  3. Approve the output – before we go ahead and scan all of your documents, we send you preview of your scanned blueprints so you know exactly what you are getting and so we can make any necessary changes. We also send you an expected time this project will be done along with the price before we start.
  4. Expect your delivery or come pick up your documents – after you approve the plan, we will scan your documents and send you the digital files along with your original copies.

It’s that easy! Get rid of all of those old blueprints and store them digitally.

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About QFI, Inc.

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