How to Implement Paperless Offices for Law Firms

Posted on: November 30, 2016

Is your law firm operating as efficiently as it could? If filing cabinets are overtaking your office and you waste time every day sifting through paperwork in search of specific documents, you could benefit greatly if your law firm goes paperless. Are you ready to make the change?

Going paperless offers many benefits for law firms, including increased security, more space in your office, and easier access to the files you need. You probably understand the reasons to go paperless—now you simply need to know how it’s done.

Partner with a document scanning and management company like QFI, Inc. and you’ll discover that going paperless is easy! All it takes is three steps:

Scan and Digitize Paper Documents

Whatever you need scanned—case summaries, agreements, client notes, images, books, microfilm, and more—we can tackle your project. Our large-form scanners can handle documents of any size, and high-resolution scanning ensures quality images for all your digitized documents.

Choose how you want the scanning done—we can either come to you if your law firm is located in the DC area, or you can ship us the documents you want to have scanned. We even let you choose whether to have your physical documents returned to you or securely destroy after the scanning process.

Store Digitized Files

If a specific file type suits your law firm best, let us know and we’ll convert all your digitized files into that format. We offer TIFF, PDF, PNG, GIF, BMP, JPEG, and more. You can also choose from bi-tonal, gray scale, or color images. Our goal is to make your digitized files as quick and easy to access as possible.

When it comes to storing your digitized files, you have a few options. You might want to store files in-house on CDs, DVDs, or hard drives. If you prefer, you can utilize QFI, Inc.’s cloud storage solution. This involves storing your documents in a secure off-site server, which you can access online from anywhere. You get unlimited access, full control, and top security with our cloud storage option.

Organize and Index Digitized Files

It’s vital for your digitized files to be properly organized, indexed, and labeled with meta data to ensure speedy document retrieval. This organization process lets you search for specific documents using keywords, allowing you to retrieve files in just seconds. This huge improvement over searching through stacks of paperwork saves tremendous time so you can focus on running your law firm efficiently.

Trust QFI, Inc. to Help You Go Paperless

The road to a paperless office is shorter than you think, but working with the right document scanning and management company is the key to completing your project correctly the first time. At QFI, Inc., our document conversion process is safe, fast, and reliable. Whether your law firm is large or small, we can help you go paperless. Download our document scanning guide for more information or contact us to get your project started.