What Makes Document Security So Important?

Posted on: July 28, 2016

A business or organization’s most important assets are its records; they document transactions, vital company and client information, and every other detail it would behoove an organization to be able to recall. Because of this, efficiency and security are vital when managing documents.

The proficiency with which an organization manages its documents’ security directly correlates with its ability to comply with industry standards and prevent fraud and theft. A couple of the most important ways an establishment can safeguard its documents include secure document scanning and imaging and confidential document conversion.

Secure Document Handling

Whether you store your documents yourself or utilize an off-site storage facility, you should ensure that the space that is used to house your records is protected. Using an off-site storage facility is a records management technique that lessens your chance of having documents stolen or damaged if your own facility encounters a threat. While there may only be a small chance that your documents could be lost, damaged, or stolen, the lifespan of a document is usually long, and the odds of a document being misplaced, impaired, or tampered with increases over time. It’s best to save yourself the potential headache of being unable to access important information or having it land in the wrong hands, and make sure that your documents are secure.

At QFI, Inc., we ensure that access to our storage facilities is limited to our personnel and escorted guests only. Our facility is also locked at all times, as well as monitored by electronic devices and patrolled by police. We recommend that whoever you trust your documents with takes similar measures to protect your important information.

Confidential Records Management

Oftentimes, protecting your documents is not only important for you and your business or organization, but for your clients and customers, as well. For example, protecting medical records and personal financial information is critical both to the success of an organization and its ability to comply with industry standards.

We recommend only trusting your documents with personnel that are bound by a confidentiality agreement, have passed background checks, and understand and comply with federal laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Secure Document Handling in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, and Nationwide

Since 1985, QFI, Inc. has provided reliable records management—helping businesses nationwide handle ever increasing volumes of paper and electronic information securely and efficiently. We understand that whether you are a federal government agency or a healthcare facility, security is important. At QFI, Inc., the security of our production facility and employees are guaranteed.