Why Outsource Document Scanning?

Posted on: April 19, 2016

Chances are if you own a business, you have papers, books, files, and more piled up in storage or around the office. Have you ever thought about creating a near paperless office and storing those documents digitally? Document scanning is an easy and efficient way to keep those documents on file but eliminate the tangible paper and boxes.

If your business could benefit from document scanning services, you may be asking, “How do I scan and convert my files?” While most companies have scanners and fax machines, standing at the scanner all day or dedicating an employee to a conversion project is not an ideal situation. This is why we recommend outsourcing it!

Working With a Document Scanning Company

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your document imaging needs, count on QFI, Inc. When you outsource your needs to us, you can count on quality services.

Depending on the size of the project, we will start with a pilot project as a discovery phase, recommend options to enhance the final product or save you money, then kick it into gear. After talking to our sales staff and making arrangements for the pilot, you can ship your documents to us and we take it from there.

We check in your files using our custom project tracking system and then prepare your records for scanning. Using our top of the line scanners, we scan and output your files into digital copies. We index and put your digital files on a storage device of your choice. Then, you get your digital files or media delivered. From there, we can return your documents or securely shred them.

When you outsource your document imaging needs, you can focus more on your day-to-day operation rather than needing to dedicate time and resources to document scanning in-house.

Benefits of Document Scanning

Going nearly paperless has a lot of extra benefits other than getting rid of clutter. When you go paperless, you can:

  • Boost efficiency. Have your documents available at the touch of a button on a cloud or other storage device.
  • Increase security. If a flood or fire were to take over and ruin your current files, would your company lose important documents? If the answer is yes, document scanning can help fix that. Secure your documents online to help eliminate the risk of stolen, lost, or damaged papers.
  • Decrease the impact on the environment. Everyone is working harder to go green. When you eliminate the need for mass amounts of papers, you and your company can reduce wastes and work on going green!
  • Save money. When you eliminate the need for paper documents, you also eliminate the need for toner, stamps, printer maintenance, and more!

Ready to Outsource Your Document Scanning Project?

If you’re ready to start your next scanning project, count on QFI, Inc. to help you from start to finish! Whether you have one box of books or 20 full filing cabinets, we can scan and store your files safely and efficiently so you and your employees can access them easily.

No matter if your business is located in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia, our document scanning company can help! To learn more about our document scanning company, give us a call at 301-284-8789 or contact us online.