In-House vs. Outsourced Document Scanning

Posted on: September 25, 2014

Is outsourced document scanning and management right for your company? Many people bring up initial concerns about cost and document security when considering outsourcing their document scanning. While it may seem like you can scan your documents in-house, there are many different factors that you should consider before completely eliminating outsourcing the project.

Factors to Consider Before You Scan Your Documents

Think About the Scope of the Project

While you may be the best in your industry, you’re likely not an expert in efficient (and error-free) document scanning projects. That’s why it’s best to trust the experts. At QFI, Inc., we’ve been providing document scanning and management services in the DC, MD, and VA area since 1985 and have recently expanded to go nationwide.

We scan millions of documents each week and have developed an efficient process that provides document scanning solutions for you—without interrupting your work flow or process. Summer interns may be able to convert a few boxes of files, but who is going to oversee the scanning of your entire filing system?

Consider the Cost of Required Equipment

Your office copier and fax machine likely have scanning capabilities. But is it able to be dedicated to a long-term scanning project? Will it be able to scan documents of different sizes? Can it run for days in a row without overheating or breaking down? Our facility has many dedicated scanners that can handle documents of all types and sizes (from paper records and engineering drawings, to blueprints and microfiche). Like we mentioned above, we can (and do!) process millions of documents a week.

Evaluate Security & Standards

For some industries, privacy and security of the documents to be scanned is a major concern. Outsourcing this project with QFI, Inc. does not compromise any industry standards, protocols, or security issues. Access to our facility is limited to QFI, Inc. personnel and escorted guests. Our facility is locked at all times, monitored by electronic devices, and patrolled by police. Every employee is bound by a blanket confidentiality agreement and has passed background checks. Additional personnel security levels are available, including federal security clearances. Our method of outsourced document scanning protects your files, your company, and your clients.

Look for a Document Management Solution

If you’ve made it through the previous three sections and still think that you can handle in-house scanning, consider whether you can provide for an in-house document conversion management solution. This entails all the meta data and programming required to manage and access your files once they are digitized. At QFI, Inc., we work with each client to determine the final output of the scanned documents—how will employees access them? Should there be different authorization levels? What search functions are needed? A final project never has just thousands of documents labeled “Scanned Image 08-17-14 09:15:45”. Instead, our clients are able to access their files in a number of ways within seconds.

Outsource Your Document Imaging & Scanning with QFI, Inc.

At QFI, Inc. our process is built around maximizing your efficiency and return. Our approach starts with a consultation with you where we determine exactly what you need outsourced and how you need it done.

Before the project starts, we will perform a small-scale sample conversion that helps us gain a detailed knowledge of your expectations and what the project itself will involve. Once you’re comfortable with the process, we will provide a detailed proposal outlining the scope of the project and how we will complete it on time, on spec, and within your budget.

In our business more than most, the old adage “the devil is in the details” applies. The extent to which an organization and conversion vendor understands the requirement details will largely determine final cost, and, ultimately, the success of the project. At QFI, Inc., we manage every aspect of every document management job to ensure you get everything you need, every time—and we’ve been doing so in the Washington, DC area since 1985 and have recently expanded to nationwide service. No matter if your business needs outsourced document management service in Florida, New York, or Texas, QFI, Inc. can help!

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