The Story of Scan Land: Chapter 1

Posted on: June 27, 2014

Chapter 1:

The Adventures of Billie the File Folder in Scan Land

The importance of document preparation and the effects on high-speed scanning.

Once upon a time, Billie the file folder and all his file folder buddies were told they were being sent to Scan Land. This was a scary prospect for Billie and his file folder friends. Don’t our owners like paper anymore? What will happen to all our data? What will happen to us after we’re scanned? Who’s going to prepare us for our journey through Scan Land? Billie had heard horror stories about what happens to a file folder being frisked and prepped by the infamous Scan Land Prep Police. Not wanting to cause undue concern, the document owners assured the file folders that all would be fine. They would be prepped prior to being sent to Scan Land and it would be done by their own loving hands.

Billie and his buddies were not prepared for what happened next. Interns were brought in and given the task of prepping Billie and his friends. The file folders were poked and prodded, ripped from their staples, pulled most unceremoniously from their bindings, left with staples in the documents, and put with pages out of order, upside down, and even inside out. Sticky notes were not found and stapled receipts were removed. In the end, Billie and his buddies were shocked and dismayed by the treatment they received. They couldn’t even imagine how bad it would have been to endure what could only have been a much worse treatment by the infamous Scan Land Prep Police.

Billie and his buddies were eventually put in boxes and sent off to Scan Land. Once the lid was closed, they closed their eyes and rested throughout their journey without a care in the world, now that the worst was over. Several days later and their journey complete, their box was opened and their adventure in Scan Land was about to begin. Proud and bristling, Billie was pulled out of the box marked “pre-prepped file folders” and placed on a table where a Document Prep Customs Agent did a quick inspection of each folder to see if anything looks amiss. The inspection had to be done before Billie or any folder was allowed to pass through Sam the Scanner. Although a peace-loving nation, the Scan Land scanners are always under a threat from staple bombs and paper jammers.

Now the customs agent quickly recognized that Billie and his buds were not completely and properly pre-prepped folders. It would have been okay if they had been prepped properly before reaching Scan Land, but such was not the case. The customs agent called security, and Billie and his buddies were hauled away to be better prepared for their journey through Sam the Scanner. The file folders were frantic. “No! No,” they cried, “pleases no!” They tried to explain to the customs agents that they were already prepped. This couldn’t be happening! Despite their protests, their pleading fell on deaf ears.

What happened next shocked Billie and his buddies. They were gently removed from their boxes and file folders. The Scan Land Professional Prep crew carefully removed any staples they found (trying to make sure they kept their pages intact). They unfolded bent corners, oriented their pages, removed and discarded unwanted sticky notes, and taped relevant sticky notes and receipts to the back of their blank pages or blank pieces of paper. They pulled apart multi-part forms and taped ripped pages back together. It was like being at a day spa for these file folders. Eventually, the process was completed and Billie and his buddies were allowed to pass through Sam the Scanner without any complications.

Billie would never know or appreciate that the Document Preparation Customs Agent saved him from a potentially much worse fate. If he had been put through Sam the Scanner as he was received he could have been torn, wrinkled, ripped, and, maybe, some of his parts and pieces destroyed beyond all hope of recovery. Billie may not have been the only one damaged, Sam the Scanner was at risk too. Sam is generally a very easy going and non-violent scanner, but when staples start to scratch his glass and paper gets stuck in his sensors and paper path, he can get downright nasty and go on strike. Of course this slows down the whole document conversion process and costs everyone more time…and we all know time is money!


Document preparation is potentially the most time consuming and costly process in paper scanning. Whether the client or the scanning company is providing the service, it’s important the document be properly prepared and ready for its journey through the document conversion process.

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Scan Land