Small Business Solutions for Going Paperless

Posted on: October 23, 2014

So your business wants to go paperless. Whether you want to convert your law firm’s case files into digital records or be able to instantly access your accounting practice’s records, you need a viable solution to get the job done efficiently and thoroughly.

Solution #1: Do It Yourself

Tackling your document scanning and digitizing project yourself may be tempting—at the beginning, you think you can save time and money by keeping the project in-house. But there are many factors to consider when you begin a “DIY” document scanning project:

  • Who will be in charge of the scanning project? Will they need to work extra hours or have someone manage their other work in the meantime?
  • Who will prepare the documents for scanning? Interns? Will code compliancy (like HIPAA) be followed if someone sees all the documents to be scanned?
  • What equipment will you use? Can you rent the equipment or will you have to buy the system to complete your project?
  • How many pages do you have to scan? One filing cabinet? Ten filing cabinets? Years of documents and records?
  • How will you organize the digitized versions? Do you have an indexing system in place? What program will you use to search and find your scanned files once they are digitized?

Solution #2: Work With a Professional Scanning Company

Depending on the scope of your scanning project, some of those questions above may have you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Before you get halfway through your scanning project and realize you might have bit off more than you can chew, consider using a professional scanning company.

Professional document conversion services can turn literally any paper document you have into a digital file, organized and accessible any way you want. At QFI, Inc. and many other scanning companies, we digitize paper records, blueprints, books, photographs, microfilm, slides, and other transparent records to digital files—simply put, if it’s flat, we digitize it! And the best news…all of this is done at our Maryland production facility so that your small business can continue with day-to-day operations.

Project Management & Execution

At our production facility, each project is managed by a supervisor, and all original documents and electronic image files are monitored and accounted for using a proprietary tracking system.

  • Project tasks are assigned to operators and training is performed.
  • Each operator is provided with project requirements and written procedures for executing their specific task.
  • Quality assurance is performed by operators throughout the conversion process.
  • Supervisory personnel monitor operator activity, as well as physical and digital record location throughout the conversion process.
  • Supervisory personnel further inspect image quality, data accuracy, document integrity, and deliverables for requirement compliance prior to each delivery.

QFI, Inc.’s RASCAL Approach

QFI, Inc. is able to determine the exact level of effort to execute your project through hands-on experience processing your records. This experience and your input enables us to develop accurate requirements, aggressively priced.

We develop your project requirements through our RASCAL approach:  Requirements Analysis, Sample Conversion Assessment, and Launch.

  1. Requirements Analysis – during this process, requirements are developed through a meeting with your team and a survey of your material, performed at your location.
  2. Sample Conversion Assessment – a sample of your records is processed, and the digitized and original records are returned for review. Processing and review steps may repeat until project requirements are refined or finalized, but repeat sample conversions are rarely necessary.
  3. Launch – once told the digitized records meet your needs, QFI, Inc. submits a formal proposal containing a detailed Statement of Work and itemized per unit pricing.

The proposal and RASCAL records are an effective tool in your project decision process; what you see in the sample records is what you get should you execute the project. The complete RASCAL process is performed free of charge.

Small Business Scanning Solutions from QFI, Inc.

At QFI, Inc., we work with clients ranging from government agencies to small local businesses. We specialize in document scanning and management solutions for:

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