What Should I Store Electronically?

Posted on: August 21, 2015

With technology constantly advancing, storing important documents and memorabilia on your computer is easy. Many families store photographs and videos electronically, making them easily accessible and protected.  Even though families are making use of storing documents electronically, many businesses, organizations, and federal agencies are not. Hospitals, law firms, museums, and government organizations still use paper documents to keep and file important records and files. Many establishments are unaware of the possibilities of what can be stored electronically.

So, what should you be storing electronically? Below we have outlined top documents and files to store on your computer.

Health Records

At most medical offices and hospitals, when a new patient arrives there is paperwork that must be filled out. After the patient hands over their information to the receptionist, the secretary will put their information in the system and keep the file in a cabinet. If you are responsible for organizing and keeping health records in a hospital or medical office, you know that over time, patient records in cabinets can get unorganized and overbearing, even though regulations require you keep them on hand for a certain period of time.

Keeping patients’ records electronically not only keeps the office better organized, but it helps with patient security and overall efficiency of the office. Electronic copies of records can last forever; however, a paper copy can get lost, ripped, damaged, or stolen.

Did you know X-rays can also be stored digitally? Doctors should no longer have to hold old X-rays up to the light to see fractures and broken bones. Storing these transparent documents electronically will help keep these documents longer and help doctors organize their patients’ records. If you still have paper copies of medical records or X-rays, contact QFI, Inc. to transfer all copies electronically and shred old confidential records for good!

Historical Pieces

Museums are known for storing away old and memorable artifacts for safe keep for the public to enjoy; however, what would happen if that piece got damaged? Old and ancient documents should be stored electronically to preserve its historical data forever. Old books, journals, paper records, and film are just a few of museum artifacts that can be stored electronically—and kept safe regardless of a rogue sprinkler system, theft, or accidental damage.

If your museum or historical society is looking to preserve old artifacts, contact QFI for nationwide service.

Legal Documents

Storing legal documents electronically will help secure the confidentiality of the documents. With secure systems at government organizations, you can assure your documents will stay safe while lasting longer as a digital copy. To scan your legal documents in your law firm or government agency, contact QFI, Inc.!

Association and Membership Records

If you or your business is a member of an outside association and has paper certificates and awards, it is a good idea to have these certificates scanned and stored electronically. You, your business, or your organization should be proud of the accomplishments that won you an award or certificate. Storing these awards electronically will help prepare you if a disaster would strike, such as a fire or flood that would ruin these memorable items.

Other Items to Store Electronically

The list could go on when listing items to store electronically. In today’s society, it is easy and efficient to have most, if not all, important documents stored digitally. Other items to store electronically include:

  • Blueprints
  • Newspapers
  • Oversized drawings
  • Film, slides, and other transparent objects
  • And more!

Contact QFI, Inc. for Nationwide Scanning Service

If you or your organization is looking to store important documents digitally, look no further than QFI, Inc. With our nationwide service, we can help any museum, federal government office, hospital, and membership organization store important and confidential documents electronically.

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