Digitization of Engineering Drawings in DC, MD, VA, PA & NJ

Modernize your paper engineering drawings!

If you are an engineer, to compete in today’s fast-paced and growing industry, you must leverage your engineering assets, including your drawings. You may be asking yourself, “Well how do I do that?” In order to manage and distribute your drawings as quick as possible, you should be storing and sharing them electronically.

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Save Money by Digitizing Your Drawings

Handling, storing, maintaining, and sending paper drawings is not only time-consuming but also expensive. Every time you print your drawing, it costs money—think of the money you can save and quality service you can provide by doing everything digitally. Time is money and with the convenience of our records management software, you can easily distribute drawings and blueprints. If you are still sending your drawings by snail mail, you should consider changing your methods—think of the money you’ll save in shipping costs! Also, paper is static. You can make sure you and your clients have the most up to date version of the engineered drawing when you send electronically. You can also add notes and hyperlinks to digitally share files.

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Protect Your Engineering Drawings

Over time, paper drawings, Mylar film, and blue-line prints age and become damaged. You can protect the pristine nature of your drawings by digitizing them. When your document is stored online, you never have to worry about colors fading or damaged during handling. Also—worst case scenario—in the event there is ever a fire, you do not have to worry about drawings being ruined forever. Your files will be safe, no matter the disaster.

Engineered Drawing Digitization in DC, MD, VA, PA & NJ

When you start digitizing your drawings, your only concern will be, “Why didn’t I start doing this sooner?” At QFI, Inc., our process is built around maximizing your efficiency and return. Our approach starts with a consultation with you where we determine exactly what you need and how you need it done. Work with one of our project managers to plan a scanning project that fits your needs. We’ll start with a small batch sample so you can see exactly what the final product will look like.

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