Magazine Scanning in MD, DC, VA, PA & NJ

Printed materials like magazines have a way of accumulating, and taking up increasingly more space over time. Whether your original copies are becoming worn or damaged, you prefer to view materials on your electronic devices, or you’re looking to preserve the information contained with your magazines in a secure, searchable format, magazine scanning services from QFI, Inc., are the perfect solution.

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The Benefits of Scanning Magazines to Digital Format

  • Convenience: Unlike traditional files which are categorized by name or subject, magazines contain a plethora of information on a variety of topics. When searching for a particular topic or specific article, it’s not only important to know where to look within the magazine itself, but which magazine to look in. Rather than wasting valuable time and resources digging through physical copies, digitize your magazines to make searching, viewing, and sharing a breeze.
  • Space saving: Piles of magazines make your work space appear cluttered and unorganized, and take up valuable real estate that can be better put to use for working, or displaying company materials. Once magazines have been scanned, the originals can either be recycled, or archived either onsite or offsite as needed.
  • Searchability: Optical character recognition (OCR) technology makes the magazine text searchable, allowing you to quickly and easily locate material according to keywords or phrases.
  • Preservation: Over time magazine pages become worn, damaged, or dog-eared, but magazine scanning preserves the integrity of the information and images contained within, preserving them for a lifetime.
  • Cost savings: Save money on materials, storage, and multiple copies for each member of your organization, branch, or department.

FAQs About Magazine Scanning

Are magazines scanned at high quality?

The quality of magazine text and images are somewhat dependent on the quality of the original, but our state of the art equipment and expert technicians at QFI, work diligently to deliver a finished product with crystal clear text and vibrant images.

What formats are the files saved in?

Scanned files can be saved in either JPEG, PDF or TIFF formats, in accordance with your preferences and requirements.

Are pages scanned flat?

In order to preserve the integrity of the original, digital cleaning software is utilized to eliminate any warped or curved text where pages are unable to lay flat.

Can you scan cover materials?

Yes, any type of printed material can be scanned.

What is the next step after the scanning process is completed?

Magazine pages can be indexed, saved to any media storage device, and/or transferred over a secure, encrypted network to the customer.

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