Scanning Documents to PDF Format

Document Conversion in MD, DC, VA, PA & NJ

Document scanning and conversion solutions, such as scanning to PDF format, fit in perfectly in a world where modern technologies have increased the efficiency of a number of business processes. The highly-qualified team of professionals at QFI, Inc., have been providing expert service to businesses in and around Maryland since 1985, helping to reduce costs, streamline business processes, and enhance document management.

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What Is a PDF File?

Portable Document Format (PDF) files represent the best of both worlds, with a digital format that includes all the elements of printed documents. A PDF file is typically used to save documents that contain graphics, links, or other visual or interactive elements, preserving their quality in a compact format that is easy to view, navigate, print, or share.

What Are The Benefits Of Scanning Documents to PDF Format?

When it comes to deciding whether to keep paper copies of magazines and other publications in your office or convert them to digital, the choice is obvious. Benefits of scanning documents to PDF format include:

  • Time: Stop wasting time searching for misplaced files. PDF files can easily be stored on local networks or in the cloud and are searchable by keyword or phrase for added efficiency.
  • Space: Utilize every square inch of your office space by eliminating some, or all of your paper file storage, including bankers boxes and filing cabinetry.
  • Cost: Save money on the cost of operations by turning previously wasted space, in to work space. The cost of incidentals including ink, toner, paper, or bulky copy machines is reduced or eliminated with free digital access and storage of PDF files.
  • Security: Paper documents can be stolen, destroyed, or deteriorate over time. PDFs can be stored safely and securely, requiring user authentication for access, employing digital signatures to authenticate materials, and using data encryption techniques to prevent a security breach. Data can be stored offsite in removable hard drives, or in the cloud, where information is routinely backed up for added protection.
  • Access:Remote access to documents is a vital component in the collaboration process, and document scanning to PDF format allows users to securely view and share information via email, the cloud, or other third party software applications.

Key Features of PDFs

Wondering what sets a PDF apart from other types of digital documents? PDFs offer:

  • Security: Password protection, digital signatures, and document restrictions help prevent unauthorized access or tampering.
  • Searchability: Most PDF files are easily searchable, with text-search features that help save time.
  • Compression: Files can be highly compressed without loss of image quality.
  • Font management: Font styles can be embedded to ensure quality control.
  • Multi-platform capabilities: PDF files can be viewed or printed from every type of platform.

Convert Documents to PDF Format with QFI

No matter your industry or how many documents you have to convert, QFI is ready to help! We’ve assisted countless businesses in cleaning up their office spaces and freeing up storage by converting documents to digital files. If you’re located in Maryland, DC, Virginia, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania and require document scanning services, call QFI today at (301) 284-8789!