Document Scanning Benefits for Law Firms

Posted on: September 10, 2015

Traditional law firms are filled with confidential files and old law books. In the midst of a stressful case, important documents and files can easily get lost in the shuffle. Did you know that with QFI, Inc. you can scan important documents so you always have them accessible via an electronic device? Whether you are a lawyer, attorney, or secretary, your law firm can benefit in many ways by scanning your paper copies.

If you own a law firm or are a secretary in charge of organization, turn your important documents into electronic copies with QFI, Inc.

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Reasons for Law Firms to Go Paperless

There are many reasons for any business to go paperless; however, some of the top reasons why your law firm should go paperless include:

  • Save money – today, businesses and people alone are using email to send important documents. Save money on stamps and copying by having all documents accessible electronically.
  • Increase security – in any law firm, there are many confidential files. If a fire or flood were to happen in your office, would you have a backup to your important documents? Keep files secure by storing them digitally so they are accessible in case disaster would strike.
  • Save time – do you feel like your printer, fax machine, or scanner often has issues? Instead of standing around a copy or fax machine, you can easily send digitized documents without wasting time.
  • De-clutter – increase organization by having all of your important documents available as a digital document. No longer will you have to dig through old files looking for old records.
  • Increase sharing ability – if you are working on a large case, often multiple attorneys will collaborate together, which requires sharing important documents. Be more efficient by having all files available with a simple email or click.

QFI, Inc.’s Scanning Process

At QFI, Inc., our document scanning process is built around maximizing your efficiency and return. In order to get the most for your money, we first start with a consultation where we determine exactly what documents you need scanned and how you would like it done.

Before the project starts, we perform a small-sample conversion that helps us get a better understanding of your expectations and the project involved. Once you approve the process, we will provide a detailed proposal outlining the scope of the project that includes time, quality assurance, and budget.

With QFI, Inc., we manage every detail of your project until you receive everything you need. Whether your law firm has a large project or only a few books that need to be scanned, we treat every project with quality and timeliness.

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If your law firm is looking to go paperless, or simply needs to reorganize and would like old documents digitized, contact QFI, Inc. We have worked with many law firms around the country to help improve efficiency, security, and organization.

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