Document Shredding Services

Confidential and Reliable Paper Shredding Services in MD, DC, VA, PA & NJ

Not only do we offer top of the line document scanning services at QFI, Inc., but to be your one stop shop for document conversion services, we offer document shredding as well. If you are downsizing your office space, or simply don’t want to store old files, you can securely shred them with us.

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Benefits of Document Shredding

After you have your files and documents scanned and digitized, it is best to have them securely shredded by a professional. When your documents are destroyed the right way, you do not have to worry about confidential information getting into the wrong hands. After all of your documents are digitized, you can easily access them online so you do not need hard copies of them—saving them would be wasted space! When you shred and recycle your papers, you are not only benefiting yourself and your clients, but you are also helping our environment!

Our Shredding & Scanning Clients

At QFI, Inc., we work with clients ranging from international corporations and government agencies to small local businesses. We specialize in document conversion and management solutions, including shredding for:

Document Conversion Services

QFI, Inc. offers a full range of document conversion services, including pre and post conversion document preparation and reconstruction. As the business world goes paperless, making document conversion decisions can be challenging.

At QFI, Inc., we’ve been in the document conversion business since 1985 and can develop solutions for your business that minimize costs and maximize your efficiency and productivity. While most of our clients are in the Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC area, we do serve businesses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as well! We can help you shred your unwanted files in a safe and secure way.

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