What Factors Affect Pricing?

Are you considering a document digitization project with QFI, Inc.? These are the factors that will affect your cost:

The Amount of Document Preparation Required

The process of preparing documents for scanning can sometimes be more time consuming than the scanning itself! The procedures required can include:

  • Removing staples, paper clips, rubber bands, GBC bindings or spiral bindings
  • Disassembling glue back or hard bound documents
  • Removing documents from post folders or binders
  • Removing or relocating sticky notes or attachments
  • Repairing or copying torn or damaged pages or documents

If scanning your documents will require any of these tasks, that will be factored into your final price.

The Physical Quality of Your Documents

The condition of the paper and quality of the material being scanned can affect the difficulty of the project, and therefore increase your cost.

The document or image quality may also be outside the parameters the scanner or software can compensate for automatically, requiring additional work and cost.

The Number of Pages Per Document

The more pages that we are able to put in the scanner at one time, the less operation intervention will be required. If each document consists of only a few documents, there will be more labor associated with the project, which will result in a higher cost.

The number of pages per document may also be affected by the use of barcode or separator sheets that facilitate document indexing or separation.

What Each Document Needs to be Treated With

Document treatments include:

  • Intermixed double-sided pages
  • Oversized or large scale paper
  • Grayscale images
  • Color images
  • Rotation
  • Deskewing
  • Shade or background removal
  • Dot removal
  • Character rebuilding

Some of these processes can be handled through automated programs, at the scanner, or as a post-process. These processes may not always produce the desired results, and may need to be enhanced through manual intervention, which would result in an increased cost.

The File Naming or Indexing Requirements

Whether your documents’ file naming system requires manual key entry, automated field extraction, or forms recognition will affect your project’s pricing.

These factors come into play when creating your file names, index, or metadata information, as well as when linking a database or populating database field information.

The Images’ Sizes and Conversion

The DPI a document will be scanned at or converted to will affect pricing. Higher DPI settings may slow the scanning or conversion process but can produce a better image and OCR. However, a higher DPI setting will cost more. The associated file sizes will be larger, and opening and reviewing the files may take longer.

The output file type you require will also affect pricing. We can offer:

  • PDFs
  • TIFFs
  • JPGs
  • HTML
  • XML

In what way these images will be associated to your database will also affect your project’s cost.

The Level of Effort Required for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The level of effort for OCR can be affected by what electronic file type the images are converted to and how much intervention is used—if any—to clean up the OCR.

Form Extraction and Design

Labor included in the process of designing forms, created form templates for extracting information, preparing, and formatting output can all affect pricing.

PDF File Work

Custom work on PDF files can affect pricing, including:

  • Bookmarking
  • Linking
  • PDF forms
  • Section 508 compliancy
  • Cataloging/full text search
  • Navigation

The Amount of Document Reconstruction Required

Returning materials to their original conditions can require varying amounts of work, and therefore can affect pricing. These tasks include:

  • Replacing staples or clips
  • Returning material to binders or folders
  • Having material rebound

The Way You Want Your Files Delivered

Clients can have their digitized files returned in these forms:

  • CD
  • DVD
  • FPT
  • Removable HD

The manor you prefer will affect your project cost.

Additional Considerations

If you have media artwork, or require any of the following, your project price will be affected:

  • File navigation aids
  • Full text search tools
  • Archival database

Book Scanning

If you are scanning a book, the elements listed in the image below will affect your project’s cost.