How to Pick a Document Scanning Company

Posted on: December 17, 2014

When choosing an outside document scanning service to digitalize your files and documents, you need to shop around. If the vendor is local to your area, you can meet with them and take a tour of their facilities to get a better idea of where (and more importantly, how) your documents are being held and processed. Other important things to consider when choosing the best document scanning company include:

Send a demo scan

When you narrow down your vendor options based on location and budget, ask to have a sample of your documents scanned as a demo. Once you receive your digital documents, you can get a better idea about the company’s timeliness and quality.  This will also give them a good idea of the type of work they will be performing so the price shouldn’t change much from the quote.

Check out the vendor’s facility and staff

If you are scanning confidential documents, you want to make sure the facility is properly secure. You also want to make sure employees in charge of your documents sign a confidentiality agreement. Other companies will take your documents and then ship them overseas to be scanned, so make sure you know where your documents are going and whose hands they will be in.

Quality assurance check

Some companies have different quality assurances. Depending on who you work with, a computer or a person could be checking the quality of your documents. Also, some companies check each document while others just do a sample checking. It is possible for a page to not scan properly, accidents happen, so check to make sure the company has a process in place for such events after the project is completed.

Ask for references

It is also important to ask for references. Most companies will give you the contact information for other businesses you can reach out to, to inquire about their experiences with the vendor. You can also check business reviews online.

Format of scanned documents

The two main types of formatting for scanning are TIFF and PDF. Depending on what you are doing with your documents after scanning will depend on what type of file format you are looking for. If you are putting the documents on a shared network, PDFs may be a better option. If you are using a document management system, we recommend TIFF. Can the vendor do both?

Document Scanning Services in MD, VA & DC

If you are in the Maryland, Virginia, or DC area contact QFI, Inc. today to learn more about the document scanning process. You can learn more about where your documents will be before, during and after scanning. While you’re at it, take a look at some of the clients we have worked with. You may see a few familiar names within your industry. Our clients range from government agencies to small local businesses. Contact us online, or by calling 301-284-8789 today!