Document Scanning & Management for Finance & Accounting Firms

Increasing productivity, efficiency, and storage space for financial/accounting institutes, practices, and firms in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania & New Jersey since 1985.

Is your financial/accounting firm or practice looking for a document scanning and management solution?  At QFI, Inc., we can tailor our document scanning, management, and conversion services to provide the most cost-effective solution for your company.

Since 1985, QFI, Inc. has been helping businesses minimize costs, streamline processes, follow all compliance regulations, and stay current with digital technologies to become more efficient and productive. Whether your organization must downsize, move, remove storage cabinets, or have a more secure format for storing data, documents, and forms, you can trust QFI, Inc.

We can help create custom document scanning and management solutions for:

  • Financial advisors and planners
  • Accountants
  • CPA and CFA-run firms
  • Internal account departments
  • Internal finance departments
  • Public and private firms

We provide document scanning and management solutions for organizations like yours throughout the Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania & New Jersey area. Call us today or contact us online!

Our Services for Accounting & Financial Practices

Our high-volume scanning technology can scan millions of pages per week. Let us provide the best solution for your accounting firm or financial office. We provide:

Scanning & Digitizing Services

From client files and contracts to meeting notes, presentations, and other large-form documents, QFI, Inc. has your document scanning needs covered. We scan all types of documents, including paper records, files, data records, books, microfilm, and more.

Conversion Services

If you have an image file type that suits your needs best, we can output in that format to make it as easy as possible for your firm. We also can convert your documents to bi-tonal, gray scale, and color images.

Conversion Formats We Offer »

Image File Formats; Bi-tonal, Grayscale and Color

  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • JPEG, JBIG, JPEG2000

PDF Functions

  • Editing
  • Linking
  • Bookmarking
  • Global Bookmarking
  • Cataloging (enhance searching across many PDF files)
  • 508 Compliancy

Output Data File Formats

  • All major and most minor database tables, CSV, ASCII, Unicode, Spreadsheet
  • ECM/EMR and most Records Management System formats

Other Processing Services

  • OCR / ICR / OMR
  • Form and Survey Design for Electronic Data Extraction
  • Form and Survey Data Extraction
  • CD/DVD Design, Pre-mastering, Duplication and Packaging
  • Data Entry
  • Indexing

Consulting Services

  • Paperless Office Feasibility
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Development
  • Solution Design
  • Document Collection Surveys
  • Return on Investment

Document & Data Management Services

A big part of our role when providing a solution for your organization is adding indexing information and meta data to all document conversions so that they are easily found at any time. This can help you administer common policies and procedures across all your information, regardless of format or location—making everything readily available to your teams. By removing paper from that process, you can retrieve files in seconds.

Document management from QFI, Inc. allows for:

  • Decreased time spent filing and finding hard copy or paper records
  • Increased storage by removing the need for filing rooms or case storage
  • Speedy document retrieval with instant access
  • Increased security with possible authorization or access levels
  • Environmentally friendly office practices by cutting down on paper usage
  • Increased protection of your documents and minimized risk of document theft or destruction from a fire or flood

Secure Document Conversion for Accounting & Finance Firms

Privacy may be a big concern for your document scanning project. At QFI, Inc., the security of our production facility and employees are guaranteed.

Facility – Access to the facility is limited to QFI, Inc. personnel and escorted guests only. The facility is locked at all times, monitored by electronic devices, and patrolled by police.

Personnel – Every employee is bound by a blanket confidentiality agreement and has passed background checks as a requirement of the employment process. Additional personnel security levels are available, including federal security clearances.

These security measures will not just protect your files, but also your firm and individual clients as well.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 set new standards for U.S. public accounting firms as a way to improve the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures and protect investors. Penalties for noncompliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act range from loss of exchange listing or D&O insurance to multimillion dollar fines and imprisonment for CEOs or CFOs.

Document scanning and management with QFI, Inc. can uphold compliance standards and ensure that client documents are not destroyed, ruined, or lost.

Document Scanning for Accounting & Finance Offices in MD, VA, DC, NJ & PA

Have your accounting firm or financial institute’s document scanning project done right the first time. Experience the professional workmanship and project management that QFI, Inc. provides—whether your project is large or small.

For more information about how our document scanning, conversion, and management services can help your MD, VA, DC, NJ & PA area company, call QFI, Inc. at 301-284-8789 or contact us online!