Document Scanning, Conversion & Management for Historical Societies

Scanning Historical Documents in MC, DC, VA, NJ & PA Since 1985

QFI, Inc. is a document scanning and management solution company that has been scanning, converting, and managing documents for historical societies and museums  since 1985. At QFI, Inc., we can tailor our document scanning, management, and conversion services to provide the most cost-effective solution for your:

  • Museum
  • Gallery
  • Historical society
  • Culture center
  • Civic institution

Our document scanning and management solutions can help institutes and centers minimize costs and cut down on storage space necessary for records. We have been serving Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania & New Jersey since 1985.

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Our Services for Museums & Historical Societies

Our high-volume scanning technology can scan millions of pages or documents per week. Let us provide the best solution for your institution. We provide:

Scanning & Digitizing Services

From curation notes and records to photos and transcripts, QFI, Inc. has your document scanning needs covered. We scan all types of documents, including:


Document & Data Management Services

A big part of our role when providing a solution for your organization is adding indexing information and meta data to all document conversions so that they are easily found all together at any time. By removing physical records from that process, you can still retrieve files in seconds—no more back-aching searching through archives among hundreds of other files or notes.

When you work with our team, we will develop project requirements for your document scanning and management project, including:

  • File conversion type
  • PDF functions (editing, linking, bookmarking, cataloging, and enhanced searching, etc.)
  • Output data file formats (CSV, ASCII, Unicode, etc.)

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Benefits of Document Scanning & Management from QFI, Inc.

Document management from QFI, Inc. allows for:

  • Decreased time spent filing and finding hard copy or paper records or notes
  • Increased storage by removing the need for filing and archive rooms
  • Speedy document retrieval with instant access
  • Increased security with authorization or access levels
  • Environmentally friendly office practices by cutting down on paper usage
  • Increased protection of your documents and minimized risk of document theft or destruction from a fire or flood

Document Scanning for Museums & Historical Societies

Have your document scanning project done right the first time. Experience the professional workmanship and project management that QFI, Inc. provides—whether your project is large or small.

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