Document Scanning & Management for Membership Organizations

Increasing productivity, efficiency, and storage space for membership organizations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC since 1985.

As a large organization, you likely have stacks of paperwork, bins of file folders, and possibly rooms of registration materials, guides, and resources. Document scanning with QFI, Inc. can not only drastically decrease the amount of space that paper takes up in your office, but it can also streamline productivity and efficiency for your employees. Imagine all those necessary files accessible through the cloud or searchable on a drive.

Benefits of Document Scanning & Conversion

At QFI, Inc., we don’t just scan all your files so that you have a digital copy—our services provide a long-term solution for membership groups looking for a better organized and clutter-free workspace. Our process is built around maximizing your efficiency and return—and we start with a consultation to determine exactly what your organization needs and how it needs to be done.

Before we start your document scanning or conversion process, our team performs a small-scale sample conversion that helps us gain a detailed knowledge of your expectations and what the project itself will involve. We then work with you to provide a detailed proposal outlining the scope of the project and how we will complete it:

  • On time
  • On spec
  • Within budget

Our process ensures that your documents are stored and accessible exactly as you need them.

Increase Space, Save the Data

As a Washington, DC area membership organization, your association likely thrives on the data and forms collected from members. These documents are crucial for your day-to-day operations—but it might not be crucial to have them in paper form. Document conversion actually increases the safety of those forms (imagine the damage that could be done by theft, a fire, or even the sprinkler system in your office building). Digitized documents can be stored in the cloud, on a hard drive, and even duplicated as a backup on a compact disc.

Our services also increase the accessibility of your forms and data. Our scanning and management process allows you to develop the best system for retrieving your documents. Cut time looking through file cabinets and access thousands of forms, paperwork, and data right from your computer.

Document Scanning for Membership Associations in MD, VA & DC

Have your membership organization’s document scanning project done right the first time. Experience the professional workmanship and project management that QFI, Inc. provides—whether your project is large or small.

For more information about how our document scanning, conversion, and management services can help your MD, VA, or DC area company, call QFI, Inc. at 301-284-8789 or contact us online!

Conversion Formats We Offer »

Image File Formats; Bi-tonal, Grayscale and Color

  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • JPEG, JBIG, JPEG2000

PDF Functions

  • Editing
  • Linking
  • Bookmarking
  • Global Bookmarking
  • Cataloging (enhance searching across many PDF files)
  • 508 Compliancy

Output Data File Formats

  • All major and most minor database tables, CSV, ASCII, Unicode, Spreadsheet
  • ECM/EMR and most Records Management System formats

Other Processing Services

  • OCR / ICR / OMR
  • Form and Survey Design for Electronic Data Extraction
  • Form and Survey Data Extraction
  • CD/DVD Design, Pre-mastering, Duplication and Packaging
  • Data Entry
  • Indexing

Consulting Services

  • Paperless Office Feasibility
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Development
  • Solution Design
  • Document Collection Surveys
  • Return on Investment