Document Scanning for Office Downsizing

Is your organization moving offices or downsizing? QFI, Inc. has assisted companies in the DC, MD, VA, NJ & PA area with specialized document scanning projects. Large and bulky filing cabinets can be a pain to move themselves. Eliminate the hassle by sending us your important papers to scan. We can scan your items in a cost efficient manner and make moving offices a breeze!

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Downsize Your Office and Go Paperless

You can save significant amounts of money and increase collaboration when you downsize your office. The idea is to reduce the amount of space you need, and the first step is going paperless! QFI, Inc. can scan your organization’s files in a cost efficient manner. This will eliminate the need for paper storage in your new office or smaller space. Your document will be available using our records management software. We can assist you in shredding the files after they’ve been digitized.

Document Scanning Services in MD, VA, DC, NJ & PA

At QFI, Inc. we develop your project requirements through our RASCAL approach:

Requirements Analysis, Sample Conversion Assessment, and Launch.

  • Requirements Analysis – during this process, requirements are developed when we meet with your team at your office and go over the material you’d like digitized.
  • Sample Conversion Assessment – we will take a sample of your records and process them. We will return the digitized documents for your review. Processing and review steps may repeat until project requirements are refined or finalized, but repeat sample conversions are rarely necessary.
  • Launch – once the digitized records meet your needs, QFI, Inc. submits a formal proposal containing a detailed Statement of Work and itemized per unit pricing. The complete RASCAL process is performed free of charge.

If you live in the Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia area, contact QFI, Inc. today when you are ready to embark on the journey of digitizing and downsizing—we even scan specialty documents! With every file easily accessible and centrally located, misplacing files and miscommunication within teams will be nonexistent. Get started today by calling 301-284-8789!