Document Scanning & Conversion for Schools and Libraries

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Schools and libraries are full of resources, most of them made out of paper—from books to newspapers, magazines, and special collections. How do you make room for useful new resources when your space is completely full? Convert some of these items into digital files!

We know that many people have an attachment to paper copies of books and documents, but think of all the space you could save with document scanning and conversion. Additionally, you can make a resource available to many people at once rather than just one.

If you think your school or library might be interested in converting books or documents into digital files, contact QFI, Inc. in Maryland today!

The Benefits of Document Scanning for Schools and Libraries

Even though you likely can’t, or don’t want to, convert all of your resources to digital files, you can make operations more efficient by streamlining your records-keeping processes and making it easier for some documents and books to be accessed. The benefits of document scanning for schools and libraries include:

  • Saving money: Just like any other office or business, libraries and schools spend large amounts of money on paper and ink every year. With digital files, you don’t have to print or photocopy a document every time you want to share it with someone. You can just send it to them digitally!
  • Access to resources by multiple people at once: If you run a library and someone is looking for a resource that has already been checked out by someone else, it’ll be days or even weeks before the resource is returned. When you have digital versions of newspapers, academic journals, or books, those interested can access them anytime!
  • Security: In the event that a patron fails to return the physical version of the resource to the library, you have a digital version to offer to others.
  • More space for other resources: As a librarian, you want to offer the most useful and interesting resources you can. What if the opportunity arises for your library to obtain a rare, special collection, but you don’t have anywhere to put it? By converting some of your resources to digital files, you’ll have space to add new, interesting collections in the future.

These are just some of the benefits of document and book scanning for schools and libraries. Interested in learning more about what goes into a scanning project? Download our free document scanning guide now!

Our Document Conversion Services in MD, DC, PA, VA & NJ

Your business is unique and has specific requirements and processes. Many times, a standard one-size-fits-all approach is not enough. At QFI, we can tailor our services to meet your business’s needs so you get the most cost-effective solutions for your company. Our document conversion services include:

Document Scanning

From medical records to credit card receipts and everything in between, paper scanning is crucial and QFI can do it all. We have experience with thousands of varieties, shapes, and sizes of paper and can even scan tissue paper and color or double-sided documents.

Learn more about our document scanning services »

Microform Conversion

Converting microform documents—including microfilm and microfiche—to new formats requires expert care and handling. At QFI we have decades of experience handling and scanning microfilm and microfiche, and our skilled personnel can even evaluate microfilm flaws and make recommendations to enhance it before scanning.

Learn more about our microform conversion services »

Non-Destructive Book Scanning

Some book scanners require the book to be dismantled before the digitization process can begin, but at QFI we utilize non-destructive scanners that allow the book to remain completely intact. This means you can have your book scanned into a digital file or converted into an e-Book while keeping the physical book in its original state.

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Choose QFI for Document Scanning & Conversion in DC, MD, VA, PA & NJ

The document scanning experts have been helping schools, libraries, and other organizations convert their resources and records into digital files since 1985. We understand that having other people handle your documents can be uncomfortable, but we know how to handle even the most fragile of manuscripts and turn it into a digital file without harming the original version. Furthermore, we’ll make sure to offer a detailed proposal and sample of our scanning services before the full project begins.

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