Our Services in Arlington, VA

QFI, Inc. offers a full range of document scanning and conversion services for businesses throughout Arlington, VA. Whether you manage a law firm, doctor’s office, membership organization, or another business that utilizes paper storage in its day-to-day operations, QFI, Inc. can provide professional workmanship and project management for any large or small document scanning or management project.

QFI, Inc. uses many, high-speed and production level scanners, including models from Kodak, Fujitsu, Epson, and Contex. Below, we’ve outlined the various scanning projects that we can complete to help your company drastically decrease the amount of paper storage while streamlining productivity, efficiency, and access to those documents in your office.

For more information about how our document scanning, conversion, and management services can help your Arlington area company, call QFI, Inc. at 301-284-8789 or contact us online!

Our Arlington Scanning & Conversion Services

Scanning Services

  • Paper records, from standard weight bond to “onion skin”
  • Books
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Jacketed film
  • Aperture cards
  • Fragile, archival, and historical documents
  • Engineering drawings / oversized drawings
  • Film, slides and other transparent objects (such as X-Rays and Mylar drawings)

Conversion Services

Image File Formats; Bi-tonal, Grayscale, and Color

  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • JPEG, JBIG, JPEG2000

PDF Functions

  • Editing
  • Linking
  • Bookmarking
  • Global bookmarking
  • Cataloging (enhance searching across many PDF files)
  • 508 compliance

Output Data File Formats

  • All major and most minor database tables, CSV, ASCII, Unicode, Spreadsheet
  • ECM/EMR and most Records Management System formats

Other Processing Services

  • OCR / ICR / OMR
  • Form and survey design for electronic data extraction
  • Form and survey data extraction
  • CD/DVD design, pre-mastering, duplication, and packaging
  • Data entry
  • Indexing

Consulting Services

  • Paperless office feasibility
  • Requirements analysis
  • Requirements development
  • Solution design
  • Document collection surveys
  • Return on investment

Our Project Approach

Every scanning project is different and when working with your Arlington business, we will develop a concrete plan of action to ensure your project is done thoroughly and professionally. We develop your project requirements through our RASCAL approach: Requirements Analysis, Sample Conversion, Assessment and Launch.

For each document conversion process, we:

  • Develop list of requirements (will you need searchable documents, files converted as JPEGs, or any other specific request?)
  • Perform a sample digitization of records
  • Review the sample results (we will compare the digitized and original records with you)
  • Finalize requirements and Statement of Work (formal RFP, IFB, and RFQ requirements are held to the highest standards, priced competitively)
  • Execute the project (each project is managed by a supervisor and all files are monitored and accounted for using a proprietary tracking system)
  • Adapt for any special procedures (for example, white cotton gloves can be used during fragile document handling)
  • Guarantee security and legal measures are upheld

QFI, Inc. is able to determine the exact level of effort to execute your project through hands-on experience processing your records. This experience and your input enables us to develop accurate requirements, aggressively priced. Once told the digitized records meet your needs, we submit a formal proposal containing a detailed Statement of Work and itemized per unit pricing. Depending on security measures, we can complete your project in our Maryland facility or your Arlington property.

The RASCAL approach is an effective tool in your project decision process; what you see in the sample records is what you get should you execute the project. The complete RASCAL process is performed free of charge.

Security of Your Documents


The QFI, Inc. production facility is secure. Access to our Maryland facility is limited to QFI, Inc. personnel and escorted guests only. The facility is locked at all times, monitored by electronic devices, and patrolled by police.


Every employee is bound by a blanket confidentiality agreement and has passed background checks as a requirement of the employment process. Additional personnel security levels are available, including Federal security clearances.

Client Records

Each document conversion project begins with document check-in, where the project is given a name and is entered into the QFI, Inc. Project Tracking System. As materials are received, they are labeled with project information. At a minimum, our tracking system includes:

  • Client name
  • Project designation (if multiple projects from one company or organization)
  • Delivery number
  • Box number
  • Received date

Documents are inventoried, checked against any user supplied list and a discrepancy report is provided to the client. The location and project status of client records are monitored by management throughout QFI, Inc. custody—from check-in to delivery. All work is performed in the United States, and all records and data remain in the United States throughout QFI, Inc. custody unless otherwise specified.

For more information about how our document scanning, conversion, and management services can help your Arlington area company, call QFI, Inc. at 301-284-8789 or contact us online!