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QFI, Inc. offers a full range of document conversion services to large corporations, organizations, and local businesses. Serving government offices, law firms, historical societies, and more for over 20 years, we are the experts in secure document scanning, document imaging, data conversions, large scale scanning, and much more.

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About Our Imaging Services

No matter the size of the project, QFI, Inc. has you covered. We provide an array of services, including:

Scanning Services

We will gladly scan any of the following paper documents and transform them into user-friendly digital copies:

  • Paper records
  • Books
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Jacketed film
  • Aperture cards
  • Fragile, archival, and historical documents
  • Engineering drawings / oversized drawings
  • Film, slides and other transparent objects (such as X-rays and Mylar drawings)

Conversion Services

  • Image file formats; bi-tonal, grayscale and color
    • TIFF
    • PDF
    • PNG
    • GIF
    • BMP
    • JPEG, JBIG, JPEG2000
  • PDF functions
    • Editing
    • Linking
    • Bookmarking
    • Global bookmarking
    • Cataloging (enhance searching across many PDF files)
    • 508 compliancy
  • Output Data File Formats
    • All major and most minor database tables, CSV, ASCII, Unicode, Spreadsheet
    • ECM/EMR and most records management system formats

Other Processing Services

  • OCR / ICR / OMR
  • Form and survey design for electronic data extraction
  • Form and survey data extraction
  • CD/DVD design, pre-mastering, duplication and packaging
  • Data entry
  • Indexing

Consulting Services

  • Paperless office feasibility
  • Requirements analysis
  • Requirements development
  • Solution design
  • Document collection surveys
  • Return on investment

Our Project Approach

Each project goes through a set of steps so quality is always top notch and you receive your digital copies in a timely manner. For more information about our document scanning services, download our document scanning guide, or call us at 301-284-8789.

Scanning Equipment

QFI, Inc. uses high-speed and production level scanners, including models from Kodak, Fujitsu, Epson, and Contex. These scanners provide robust performance with a complete feature set including:

  • Highly reliable automatic document feeders
  • Fragile document handling
  • Capability to process page sizes from 2.1” x 2.9”
  • Bi-tonal, color and grayscale output
  • Robust daily duty cycles

Digital Development Process

QFI, Inc. efficiently executes formal RFP, IFB, and RFQ requirements to the highest standards, priced competitively. We develop your project requirements through our Requirements Analysis, Sample Conversion Assessment, and Launch approach, or RASCAL.

Requirements are developed through a meeting with your team and a survey of your material, performed at your location. A sample of your records is processed, and the digitized and original records are returned for review. Processing and review steps may repeat until project requirements are refined or finalized, but repeat sample conversions are rarely necessary. QFI, Inc. is able to determine the exact level of effort to execute your project through hands-on experience processing your records. This experience and your input enables us to develop accurate requirements, aggressively priced. Once told the digitized records meet your needs, QFI, Inc. submits a formal proposal containing a detailed Statement of Work and itemized per unit pricing. The proposal and RASCAL records are an effective tool in your project decision process; what you see in the sample records is what you get should you execute the project. The complete RASCAL process is performed free of charge.

Project Management and Execution

Each project is managed by a supervisor, and all original documents and electronic image files are monitored and accounted for using a proprietary tracking system. Each operator is provided with project requirements and written procedures for executing their specific task, and is responsible for quality assurance throughout the entire project.

Special Procedures

Most document collections contain items requiring a unique procedure. We employ tried and true methods to properly handle your important documents. Examples of documents that require special procedures include:

  • Fragile documents may be handled with white cotton gloves
  • Fragile pages may be scanned utilizing straight paper path automated page feeders or hand placed on flatbed and overhead scanners
  • Fragile items may be scanned intact—staples, clips and bindings remain in place

Document Availability

During project: Our policy is same day (two to eight business hours) response to a request for documents in our possession. This critical service is standard with every project. Upon request, documents are delivered in the manner specified by the client, including but not limited to: fax, e-mail attachments, FTP, overnight service, or courier.

Post project: QFI, Inc. maintains a backup copy of delivered files at least six months from the date of delivery, unless directed otherwise. Upon request, retrieval of backup files is performed within two business days and shipped using the client’s preferred method.

Document Security with QFI, Inc.

Facility: The QFI, Inc. production facility in Gaithersburg, MD is secure. Access to the facility is limited to QFI, Inc. personnel and escorted guests only. The facility is locked at all times, monitored by electronic devices, and patrolled by police.

Personnel: Every employee is bound by a blanket confidentiality agreement and has passed background checks as a requirement of the employment process. Additional personnel security levels are available, including federal security clearances.

Client records: Each document conversion project begins with document check-in, where the project is given a name and is entered into the QFI, Inc. Project Tracking System. Documents are inventoried, checked against any user supplied list, and a discrepancy report is provided to the client. All work is performed in the United States, and all records and data remain in the United States throughout QFI, Inc. custody unless otherwise specified.

Our Clients

At QFI, Inc., we work with clients ranging from international corporations and government agencies to small local businesses. We specialize in document scanning and management solutions for:

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