Reasons to Go Digital and Scan Records in 2015

Posted on: December 30, 2014

When people consider digitization of their records, their first initial thought is why? Knowing your reasons for taking your company digital can help you make the best decision when planning your large scanning project. Below we have outlined a few reasons as to why you should be scanning your records.

Save Space & Money!

Gone are the days where storing paper records is convenient. File cabinets take up prime real estate in your office and renting larger office space is expensive! If you have paper records that are currently taking up too much space in your office, scanning and digitizing these documents can save you storage space and money.

Save Time

You can instantly access all of your digitized records! You won’t have to spend time sorting through pages and pages of records in an old file cabinet looking for one specific piece of information. Or if your records are stored off site, it can save time having to make document requests. All of your digital documents will literally be at your fingertips.

Share & Track Records Easily

Digital records can help you share instantaneously—especially if your company has multiple locations! When your records are digitized, you can easily track where they are. It can also be costly to reproduce records as well as mail them. Digitizing records will eliminate these added costs! Records management is vital when it comes to dealing with confidential records.

Added Security

With privacy laws like HIPAA and FACTA, businesses are required to keep personal information as private as possible. When you scan records and documents, it is easier to control who sees them. Different levels of security can be applied to different types of records. You can also track what each employee sees.

Choosing a Document Scanning Company

When deciding to digitalize your records it is important to go with a reputable document scanning company. At QFI, Inc., we have been scanning documents and records since 1985! We help other businesses just like yours minimize costs, streamline processes and stay up to date with digital technologies. From scanning to choosing the right document management software, the experts at QFI, Inc., can help with all of your document scanning needs. Call us today at 301-284-8789 for more information!