Specialty Scanning Services

Scanning Services for Historical Documents, X-rays, Historical Documents, Microfilm & More!

QFI, Inc. offers document scanning solutions to meet your every need. We use many high-speed and production-level scanners, including models from Kodak, book2net, Fujitsu, Epson, and Contex. These scanners provide robust performance with a complete feature set, including highly reliable automatic document feeders and fragile document handling.

No matter if you need document scanning services in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey, we can scan your special documents with our nationwide scanning and conversion services.

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Specialty Documents We Can Digitize

QFI, Inc. offers a full range of document conversion services. We understand that fragile documents take extra time and extra care. Therefore, we make sure your special documents are scanned and converted with the most care. We can scan specialty items that include, but are not limited to:

Historical documents – Our expert scanning technicians will handle your fragile documents with care. We have years of experience scanning and digitizing rare, sensitive, and delicate material that may be prone to deterioration.

Microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards – We have the capability to digitize microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards. At QFI, Inc., we have expert teams that can handle any size project. We can digitize large volumes of film in a short amount of time.

Oversized drawings, engineering drawings – With an industry that has dozens of drawings in cabinets all over the place, you can easily access all your drawings from your computer. We can help you digitize all of your old drawings to a CD that gives you infinite benefits.

X-rays – Not only can QFI, Inc. scan your patients’ records but we can scan X-rays and mammography films as well. This day and age, patients want to build a digital library of their records. Make it easier for them by scanning large volumes of film.

How Can I View My Digitized Images?

Once digitized, your specialty images can be made available in a variety of formats, including:

  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • GIF
  • JPEG, JBIG, JPEG2000

No matter the size of project, QFI, Inc. has your project covered.

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While most of our clients are located in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia area, we proudly offer services throughout the region. At QFI, we can transform your historical documents, X-rays, film, and more into digital copies to help you save space, time, and money.

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